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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Im back and Randoms.

Salamu alaikum.. I knoww... where have i been.. simply put, ive been busy haha. Very busy, along with that, facebooking, and instagraming.. I feel like ive abandoned my poor blog.. :(

To make blog posting easier, due to the hectic lifestyle I now have. *Thank you toddlerhood* and well.. relaxing for me is a must now.. Hehe.. So some pictures to bring back the groove.

I love pampering my nails every once in a while.. it doesnt happen very often so when it does.. i get very excited and carried away lol. glitter and all.. haha

French tip with a smidgen of glitter lol

sale on $20 for all dresses.. stocked up hehe

Sushi/Japanese platter, all home made. proud hehe

The highlight of 2013 was going to gold coast in Queensland. Love mashallah the veiw! <3 p="">

Cute <3 mashallah="" nbsp="" p="">

thats all for now sisters. Asalamu alaikum. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

My updates

Can't say much except, very very tiring, poor baby has a cold, as its the weather here switchs fro. Hot to cold it's enivatble to catch a cold.. Alhamdulilah   Being a first time mum I'm so scared and thoughts start crossing my mind such as maybe the flu is deadly.. Yes I'm sorry I know that's a bad thought but I'm such a pessamist! Lol I also think oh nooooo... What if.. That's just how I am, I'm such a worry wart lol.. Anyways I've been giving my baby Vicks, a mixture of orange juice, manuka honey and warm water, and panadol.. I also clear his nose with nasal saline spray.. Apart from my son being sick, I've been going to alot of gatherings with women I met on a Facebook page. This group of women are all Muslim and we get together once a week at a park and bring dishes, we like to call it a dish party lol.. One dish party was a vegetarian theme here I brought my traditional Egyptian frittata and breaded zucchini. I basically try all kinds of food there, get inspired and make them at home, (ill upload pictures in the next post) part from awesome food is the really lovely ladies I've met..  MashaAllah,There all friendly and even though I was very shy they still made an effort to get to know me. :)) I've also been redecorating the house, adding home decor accessories and such.. I'm obsessed with home decor.. I find it a leisure so much that I even moved the couches in a different layout.. My husband thought it made the living area look smaller so changed it back. Anyways, I've been trying so hard to lose weight, my husband as well who's doing a lemon detox diet, except he eats food? I have to read about it more.. Well neways I have to cut this short as I can sense my son waking up. Asalamoooo alayyykummmm

Saturday, April 6, 2013


So yeah, I know I don't post as much as I used to, but half of ya'll are mums, you know how it is, busy busy busy, come to think of it, I'm never just sitting around busy doing nothing, much like how I was before I had my son.. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I was an umemployed stay at home house wife with lots of spare time but now I'm a 24-7 feeder, changer, cleaner, cook, shopper, mopper, ironer, folder and everything in between alhamdulilah. It's motherhood and I wouldn't change my role for ANYTHING in the world. 

This morning I made a mound of Egyptian home made doughnuts drizzled with syrup which I devoured, and my son has some too, only I gave it to him with a nice spreading of thick yogurt.., yum! I'm so proud of him, he smiles at almost everyone, except for Arabic men with facial hair and is just a joy to be around alhamdulilah. 

My husband is working around the clock which makes me feel like I'm doing everything on my own, he does play with him and read him stories, but I feel that I'm very independent when it comes to looking after our son, as it should be of course I am the one who gave birth to him! It upsets me when  mums complain about their kids and send them off to day care as a solution.. I mean whatever but why complain, there's so many single moms, disabled moms, working moms doing it on their own. 

I must take charge of my shopping addiction though, I mean everything I see I grab for my son because "it would look so cute on him" but then I realised everything looks cute on him even a nappy on its own! Trying to cut back and as for me well I hardly buy anything for myself except bare necessaries. 

In the meantime, ill just contine practicing my frugal home made experiments, I've made my own bronzer, hand cream, anti perspirant and an essence burner using orange skin and cloves. 

That's pretty much all for now alhamdulilah

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I have been up to

yeah same old same old! exuse my manners, Asalamu Alaykum, and yes, I've been up to the same old.. hehe. not that I'm complaining, but I've slid into a routine, and although I know how important routine is when you have children, it can get rather, boring. :( but thats okay, I try to do things that lift my mood like watch Hijab tutorials, then try recreating them, cook new recipes from scratch and go for walks with my husband and son. I've been having alot of fun feeding solids to my son, he'd rather just nozzle off on breastfeeding *but* I've been trying to make his food more interesting Masha'Allah, like today I made him an apple custard with cinamon and raisins. the other day, I made him lentil soup which he LOVED al hamdulilah, and suprisingly he loves anything with spinach in it, which is why I throw in a bunch of spinach in whatever vegetables i cook for him. Im learning what he likes and doesnt like, and although I started him off on fruits first, he hasnt developed a sweet tooth at all! infact he loves savoury stuff such as mash potato with butter, black eyed peas with rice and broth and chicken with pumkin and brown rice. those things, he devours masha'Allah.. Ive also been cleaning alot. Trying to replace chemicals with natural stuff. So far only replaced my windex with vinegar and the rest just I just clean with a damp cloth. I'd love to replace all my chemicals with natural stuff but its just so hard. I love my suds when it comes to washing dishes, oh and bleach.. I use it on those harsh stains that cant seem to bug off. so bleach is my only solution. I'd love to stop using it though, any alternative from eco friendly house wives? I'd love tohear suggestions.

Anyway, thats pretty much life for me.. covered in baby food, a mop in one hand and baby in the other haha.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

So Ive been making healthy food.

Asalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi Wa barakatu!!!

so I've been making healthy stuff. and I mean HEALTHY. Some of my recipes are actually taken from Vegan Websites, since I know that they dont use butter, Dairy and sometimes omit sugar, so i decided to head over to some of their cooking blogs to make a few baked goods and sweets. how do i know theyre vegan? they let you know ofcourse. lol.. i am in no way a vegan, i LOVE my meat and skinny cappacino.. oh and buttercream frosting, but well since ive been trying to eat healthy i've found substitues for otherwise fatty luxuries.

butter - avacado/coconut oil

milk - almond milk

sugar - agavae nectar or maple syryp. Used to be natvia but found out its used as a birth control and may lead to fertility issues. nuh-uh. staying away. Search Stevia and you'll find all this weird info about it. =/ Im not one to belive everything I read but If i find people saying they're period stopped after consuming something, then Im taking precaution. Ok, on to the next.

meat- no substitue, your staying my friend =D

so alhamdulilah heres some of the things I've been making.

Vegan Egyptian Pumkin dessert with Almond creme bechamel, the second one has honey, but the first one was mine so no honey. It also has NO butter, No gluten, No dairy but it still tasted awsome.I got the recipe from www.onearabvegan.com  

Vegan Cornbread. Yum! I used almond meal instead of flour and the texture was moist and dense and crispy on the outside. this was so delicious you wont care for the version with butter and eggs. This is so divine. I had this along with my chicken enchilada
This is the chicken enchilada which was made with Whole wheat tortillas, left over chicken, red kidney beans and low fat cheese. I only sprinkled the cheese sparingly but I dont know, when it melted it looked like I had put alot on there.

Do you have any recipes that you think would turn out not so good, but turned out to be amazing, regardless of all the substitues. I was pleasantly suprised. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whats in my Purse/Bag Tag

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah sisters, today Im in the mood for a whats in my purse tag, al hamdulilah. Im not tagged by anyone though, its just a post I've really wanted to do so here it is :p


So heres my bag, its a kim Kardashian Bag.. I Love it SO MUCH! its the perfect size and fits everything, and it also has three hand straps, short one, middle sized and a long one so you can hang it on your pram. I hang mine in my pram as pictured, and i try to use it sparingly because i want to keep it in good condition, so I use this on occasion, not everyday.

And heres whats in my purse.. a blanket, umberella, wallet, nappies, toys, another summer blanket, an extra shirt/top, a singlet for baby, a bib, water and a hair clip. Oh and I dont know why, but when I downloaded the pic on my pc, it cut out the rest of the pic which had some stuff pictured, including a packet of baby wipes, and keys. =D *edited* a container of home made baby food, usually pureed pumpkin/sweet potato zuchinni and carrots.

SO thats whats in my purse hehe..

Feel free to do your own taggie wagg.. hehe.

Wasalamu Alaikum ya ukhteez =D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I've been up to lately

A salamu alaykum sisters.. I know I don't blog as much but that's because I've been so busy with my son mashaallahh.. You see he's 5 1/2 months now mashaallahh and so I'm super busy feeding him and doing whatever to make him happy and comfortable.. Other than that, I've been catching up with old friends from school.. Upon having my son I re connected with a lot of girls from school who also had babies.. I went out shopping with one of my friends who has a son as well and had a blast picking out the sAme stuff for our baby boys..We laughed because we don't even shop for ourselves anymore lol.. my friend and i ended up buying the same stuff for our baby boys, teddy bears, and clothes that scream im cute!! lol since having my son my social life has really blossomed alhamdulilah, friends who i hadnt spoken to for years (even 10 years lol) came out of there way to get in contact with me, an found that we have so much in common now because of our babies and it really touched me that i recieved so many gifts just because they found out i gave birth.. tabarakAllah.. Ive also been going out more, i cant believe how boring my life was before i had my son, now im always busy and out and about. makes me feel so blessed alhamdulilah.. i also dyed my hair fire hot red which has faded now but when i first got it done, it was so lovely, its the best colour i've had in a long time, thank god i wear hijab because id never be able to flaunt that kind of colour in public. lol.

anyway heres some pics =)

coffeeeee. <3 p="">

big breakfast at a local cafe

lebanese restraunt i went to.,. amazing food

some russian potato salad i seen on tv, loved the way it looked and decided to make it at home-yum!