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Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrity Nurseries

Ever wondered what celebrities nurseries looked like? Well i did. I got really curious after seeing a picture of beyonce's daughters crib on Facebook  so i went online and had abit of a browse. heres what i found.

this is jennifer lopez's twins nursery. ok those cots/cribs look like jail bars and it looks like a huge hazard with all those things in the cot. And really.. are those chandeliers?? Im not liking this at all, in fact it looks so jam packed with health hazards and the overall feel is abit over crowded for babies.

P.diddys baby nursery. I loveee this.. the wall art is to simple and calming.. its spacious, simple but baby friendly and that cot looks ADORABLE. oh and i love the little lamb next to the cot. so cute.

heres the picture which enticed my curiousity.. beyonce's baby blue's nursery.. Now when I saw this on facebook, the comments read something like "this is so over the top!.. I bought my crib/cot for $80 on ebay". Actually a few comments were on how unneccessary this kind of thing is and how they spent under a $100 for their crib..*rolls eyes* now, people like beyonce have Millions and Millions, not so that they can go on ebay and buy baby cribs for $80.. not so they can save a few hundred dollars. they can splurge whenever and however and honestly if I was blessed with money like that then yeah I would splurge on my baby, not that I think he would care, i bought him a bassinet which he hates and now he sleeps on my bed.. but anyways i just thought it was silly that they were making remarks about how this kind of thing is too much.
Mariah Carey's twins crib.. looks cute and classy. although i think its very grown up for a kids room.
Tori Spelling's Baby nursery is really cute but i think its too over crowded. I dont really like the curtains but the cot is super super cute, especially those bows.

oh my.. imagine waking up to a green moon with a frown and bushy eyebrows. I like this crib but gosh why to celebrities have to be so weird. That moon is just ridicilous and doesnt belong anywhere near a baby. mind you.. theres something ive noticed in all these nurseries.. theres no Bed for the mother to sleep.. whos going to look after the bub at night when it cries or needs something? Definatley not Mr Moon there.

what do you think?

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Bint Mahmood said...

That moon is Really Scary!