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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More baby products :)

im loving baby products.. heres the latest and what im using at the moment..

this book im reading at the moment. i read it while im bf or when bub is taking a nap.. it has everything!

yep im still using huggies.. they seem to have changed the design on the nappy.. suaper cute anyways.

 tommee tippee bottles are really good quality, i dont mind paying for baby products since you cant give your bub dodgy stuff.. thats why i love these bottles, there expensive but very good. i had trouble getting bub to latch on to the bottles i previously had but hes doing great with these. (by the way i formula feed now due to some breast feeding issues.. )

 i havent tried this yet but im really excited to. if its good then im going to switch all my baby products from johnson and johnson to aveeno.
 bub got some nappy rash the other day.. so i bought this. it worked! i applied it twice and his nappy rash was gone! really happy with this product.

 this aint beer ok.. its a non alchololic malt beverage thats apparently supposed to increase your milk supply.. which is why im formula feeding bub.. totally didnt work, which leads me to the next product:

S-26 formula. it says on the tin trusted by generation of mothers, this one my mum used and she said its good so thats what i decided to go with. its okay, my bub likes it i think.. formula is abit thicker than breast milk so my bub spews this frequently.. :(

this cream for bf.. it really works. 
what products do you reccommend?

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Candice said...

Good products! Aveeno is good stuff :) I have both Aveeno and J&J too for my baby.