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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Products I use for my son

Bringing a baby into the world requires alot of time patience and hard work, and alot of products too! I use a variety of products which i think come in handy for those messy moments.

 I take these Halal multi vitamins to boost the quality of breastfeeding. My mum says they help so i figure hey why not. Its important to take care of your vitamin intake whilst breastfeeding.

 After i give my little one a bath (which he hates) I rub this lotion all over his tiny body. My son has really dry skin and i find this helps keep his skin soft and subtle. my mum likes to rub this on his bottom after he changes his nappy.. i on the other hand prefer to use baby oil.
 I love baby oil. I find that when theres abit of poop stuck to my little ones bottom, which can be so painful to take off, abit of baby oil solves the problem, I apply this after i change my babys nappy and i never have that problem with poop being stuck.
 Aquim hand sanatizer. A must when your handling a fragile baby whos immune system is still weak, making germs a big no. i use this every time i change my sons nappy and whenever i can really. Babies are more prone to infections from bacteria so i find this a total life saver, and you cant complain about the size either. cheap and affordable and the quantity is very reasonable.

I actually considered cloth diapering when i was pregnant but im so glad i didnt take that road because i found disposables to be easier and more practical for my life. So i found Huggies nappies. Two words. THE BEST! first of all, i think disposable nappies are the best invention. i love disposables so much, i think there super convenient, and i love seeing them stacked up in a box next to my bed. these huggies ones are just amazing, they soak up all the wee, the have an indicator that turns blue when theres wee so really i dont have to open the nappy and touch the inside to check, i just look on the front and off it comes. I also think the winnie the pooh designs are adorable, how can i complain, these are fit for my son.
 A soft blanket to wrap your little one in. this isnt a picture of mine, mine is baby blue with silk trimming but i find these to good for swaddling and making your little on nice and warm.
 I use curash Fragrance free baby wipes. Well why not? There cheap and come in bulk. My husband buys these and at first i was worried that because there inexpensive that they would cause nappy rash but it so wasnt true. There really subtle and havent given my little one a rash so far.
 facial wipes for when LO spits up or vomits.
I use this when i give my LO a bath, a few squirts in the tub and it does the trick. smells really good and ive used this to to wash my hands as well.

what products do you like to use for your little one?


Mimisha said...

a really good diaper brand that is cheaper than huggies is baby Joy.
I tried nearly all diaper brands available in egypt and baby joy has been the best so far.

Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

salams Mimisha, I love huggies and when I was in Egypt, I didnt really see any huggies.. I love finding good diapers.

All my wonders... said...

Salam sis,

Please stay away from Johnsons and Johnsons baby products, they use ingredients that are harmful for babies. People dont really know this because they've been around for a long time. The 'tear free' shampoo contains chemicals that numbs the babies eyes thats why its "tear free" from what I've been told. Also, the baby oil is mineral oil which is not good for baby skin. The best would be to use virgin coconut oil or olive oil. Better to use organic/natural products for our babies, inshaAllah.


Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

wsalam sis! mabrook on ur twins mashallah.. thanx for telling me.. i went out and bought aveeno :)