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Friday, October 26, 2012

i want to start solids early :/

ok, so bub is only 2 months but im thinking of starting him on solids when hes 4 montths, reason is, because he seems to already show interest in food, (staring at my mouth while im eating, and looking at the food) and he has a healthy appetite mashallah.. i know doctors say the recommended age is 6 months but i think my bub will be fuller if introduced solids and then i can slowly wean him off the formula and give him only solids and breastmilk. He really doesnt like formula which doesnt change anything, i still need to use it as a supplement to fill him up and until hes 4 months i still need to give it to him.. anyway any mums out there started giving baby food at 4 months? and if yes, why and what lol. 

im thinking of applesauce as a starter... 


Daisy said...

Salam. I gave my guy food at four months. Cerlac, strained peaches and bananas. He was defiantly ready for some "food" in his belly.

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Salaam Alaikum,

If you can, Id suggest waiting until 6 months to introduce solids. When solids are introduced too early babies become susceptible to food allergies. When your ready to introduce solids Id suggest vegetable purees instead of fruit so that your baby doesnt develop a sweet tooth for fruit. You could also mix fruit and vegetables. My daughter loved avocadoes, sweet potatoes, zuccini, carrots with ginger, and apple-pear

Daisy said...

Fruit is recommended if your baby is a breast fed baby as breast milk tends to be sweeter than formula. So naturally , these babies will do well with strained fruit. I understand the whole worry around food allergys, but hungry is hungry and some babies just need more. My suggestion is to only introduce a rice cereal first then other strained foods. Space new foods a few days apart so you can see if any allergies show up. Inshallah, your little guy gets his belly full and becomes a vibrant and healthy little man. Mashallah - inshallah.

Candice said...

I would second Rene's suggestion to wait a little longer than 4 months as well as not starting with fruit.

What is recommended here as the first food is baby cereal (not mixed types) which you mix with formula or breast milk and it's generally accepted as OK to start a bit before 6 months here, like 5 or 5.5 months or so and then at 6 months people will start other things.

First veggies are normally sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, zucchini. Always start them alone with no spices or anything.

Fruits would be banana, apple, pear, peach...

Try a food for 3 days before introducing another one and keep track of what the baby has tried so you can tell if there are any reactions. And it's best that you wait until like 7 months before you mix any foods together (like mixing cereal with fruit, or 2 fruits, or a veggie with meat, etc).

These are guidelines so they can be bent a little of course but to me, starting a bit of baby cereal at 5 months is my comfortable amount of bending of these guidelines. Babies have a few growth spurts before 4 months and maybe your baby is just having them a bit more than others. The regular ones that are normally observed are 7-10 days, 4-6 weeks and 3-4 months but it varies a lot!

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

i started at 4 months with my first mashallah actually late 3 months on cerelac or milky weetbix and sauce from bumta or lubye things like this subhanallah my second could not eat until 8 months

Anonymous said...

Salaam, I've read that starting babies on solids before 6months predisposes them to food allergies because their gut is not mature enough to handle the large food particles.

There is a reason why exclusive breastfeeding or formula is adviced for the first 6 months. It is only after 6 mnonths the risks of allergies reduces, and even then, there are still some things you shouldn't feed babies till they are 1 year old.

I started up my baby boy on solids at 4 months because he was showing interest, seriously - even crying when we were eating and he wasn't offered anything. I wish I had waited till he was 6 months though. I think he was 5 months when I came about the literature about not feeding till 6 months so I stopped and reverted back to exclusive breast feeding till he clocked 6.