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Monday, October 1, 2012

On being a Plus Size

I thought that I would be like most women who want to lose weight once they had their baby, After I gave birth and my baby bumb was gone, i was left with a a very different body shape.now I am pushing 100 kg (200 Pounds) and I planned that I would lose weight after I give birth, and maybe breastfeeding but now that I actually think about it, I dont really want to lose weight. I think I want to try being big/fat for a change, and then lose weight when i want to go back to being skinny, but I swear being big isnt that bad. I like it actually..   I cant really lose weight anyway because Im breast feeding but once bf is over I think I'll stay this size for a while. Target has some really amazing clothes for plus size women.. no wonder big girls looks so stylish.. I need to get some sleep.


All my wonders... said...

Salam sis,

You can lose weight when ure breastfeeding, my sister and a few other sisters are doing it mashaAllah. You just have to watch what you eat and exercise. Believe me once u have the motivation, keep going.

Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

wsalam sis

im actually happy being this size alhamdulilah i dont want to diet after breastfeeding.