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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Im back and Randoms.

Salamu alaikum.. I knoww... where have i been.. simply put, ive been busy haha. Very busy, along with that, facebooking, and instagraming.. I feel like ive abandoned my poor blog.. :(

To make blog posting easier, due to the hectic lifestyle I now have. *Thank you toddlerhood* and well.. relaxing for me is a must now.. Hehe.. So some pictures to bring back the groove.

I love pampering my nails every once in a while.. it doesnt happen very often so when it does.. i get very excited and carried away lol. glitter and all.. haha

French tip with a smidgen of glitter lol

sale on $20 for all dresses.. stocked up hehe

Sushi/Japanese platter, all home made. proud hehe

The highlight of 2013 was going to gold coast in Queensland. Love mashallah the veiw! <3 p="">

Cute <3 mashallah="" nbsp="" p="">

thats all for now sisters. Asalamu alaikum. 

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Oum Oukk√Ęcha said...

Asalam arleykoum
Whaouhh the view !!
i love
kiss from france
sister !