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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I bought in Egypt

EGYPT IS BLING BLING SHOPPING HEAVEN!.. atleast for me. everything they have here is simply bling bling gorgeous and soo much nicer than whats in Australia. Retail therapy for me is really important. SO anyway here is what i got.
 some hejabs... one square and one rectangle
 this perfume i actually got as a present.. it smells so lovely. Its called ZARA

 These cork shoes that im absoloutley IN LOVE WITH.
 A necklace that says 'Ana Masreya' Which means I am an Egyptian!

 Sling bags..super cute.
 Earrings.. my weakness.

and these adorable flats.

All of them i got from markets and shops. I love shopping here, its a bizzarre experience.


Canadian Hijabi said...

Nice things you got Sarah =). Congratulations & May Allah keep you happy and healthy.Ameen.

Mona Z said...

I love it all. Congrats, mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

All nice & I especially love the hegabs!