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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Pregnant in Egypt.

asalamu Alaykum.  Ok the reason I have been ignoring this blog is because I am blessed with a baby in my tummy who has made his mommy very moody/crazy/drousy/nauseous/ basically unable to function like a human being. So being in Egypt im already used to people rolling their eyes thinking im just making this up or over exaggerating.  people here are very blunt and basically tell me, "Your so frail.." and blah blah blahhhhhhhhh! but i must say, despite the annoying comments, the people here will bend over backwards to help me and tolerate my moodiness. One thing I have noticed is people here are so happy to hear someone is getting married or pregnant. Its like the only thing they want to hear is someone getting married.. or falling pregnant lol.

Other than that, Ive went to a doctor who specialises in woman's pregnancies, and when I asked him if a certain medicine he prescribed was safe for the fetus, I got a " YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO ASK THAT QUESTION". Like huh? I have no right? Whos baby is this and who are you? A doctor whos suppossed to assure his patients that there going to be ok.. I am the patient, you accomodate to ME not the other way around.

I have noticed that people with high positions here are VERY snobby and do not care at all about their clients. thats the thing about Egypt, you have a love, hate relationship but really the love does dominate because theres so many good things here that you cant find any where else. Being pregnant and with special needs is something you do get here but with alot of people helping you al hamdulilah.


Mimisha said...

Mabrouk to ur pregnancy :)
Whens ur due date?
Did u find a good doctor in cairo?
I know a great doctor in cairo who helped me so much when i was pregnant :)

دانه said...

Assalamu Alaykum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuh Sarah =)
Masha'Allah, so nice to read that you are pregnant hehe, you will get over those mood swings =) Praise be to Allah who creates his servant in the womb of the mother, subhanAllah. =)
May Allah bless your baby.

Mona Z said...

I wish you the best, inshaAllah, congratulations. I had my last baby here and it was very different from the US. InshaAllah things will be ok as long as you make your wants clear and have your husband back you up always.