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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

baby names

so you may have notiWced that i changed my user name from Sarah Muhammad to Sarah Umm Abdul Rahman. My hubby and I decided on the name Abdul Rahman however Im having second thoughts because Ive always wanted a more unique name. Not that ABdul Rahman is not unique, it is beautiful but Im really loving these names which hubby doesnt want :(

Loay - prounounced Loo-ay

buttttt i know its going to be abdul rahman lol. im just too used it to it now... but will see!


Dana said...

MashaAllah! Congratulations sis for this blessing that Allah has given you. May Allah grant this baby a good health, and make him become one of his pious servants ameen. :) So happy to know this.

Candice said...

AbdulRahman is a great name for sure but I can sympathize with wanting something a bit more unique. Your husband will have to compromise too or else that's just it fair... And you should feel satisfied with your baby's name!

I ended up using a name I didn't 100% love and it's not the end of the world but both me and my husband compromised a lot to get to this name so for that reason it feels right. If he got the name he wanted and all of my perfectly good names were shot down I wouldn't be as happy about it as I am now.

Anonymous said...

Salam alayki siter, mabrook on your new edition. May your child be a joy to raise.
I named all my children apart from the last one and it took e ages (2 weeks) to get used it. InshaALLAH you will get used to it. Can't you use one of the names you wanted as a middle name?