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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breast Feeding or Bottle Feeding

Yesterday my midwife asked me if i would breast or bottle food. Now ofcourse, in any normal circumstance I would say breast feeding but im not quiet sure now because once i have the baby, I will be able to take stronger medication, and that can be transferred to the baby, so now im looking into bottle feeding, and im wondering, have any of you mothers bottle fed from birth? What are the disadvantages? I told my midwife that i would feed my baby no matter what, as long as it was fed then thats the most important thing. She told me that mothers dont usually do both, and i was just thinking "why not" but anyways, she said that i could take pain killers then wait for it to go out of my system then breast feed which im not too keen on doing because if my bub is hungry, im not going to wait!

On another note, I heard that bottle feeding causes obesity? Is that true? I really hope not. I know theres alot of benefits to breast feeding but im thinking maybe bottle feeding is the safest option for me. Any mothers out there who bottle fed? and whats your views on bottle feeding?


Candice said...

You'd be better off checking with a doctor what effects your medication can have on the baby and if you should even try breast feeding while on this medication.

If the medication is not harmful for baby I would strongly suggest giving breast feeding a good try because it's the best thing for the baby and even for you. After giving birth breast feeding will help your uterus to quickly back to how it was, it will help you lose your baby weight pretty easily and the best part is how convenient it is. You can go out with the baby without planning anything special and feed him or her the second they need it.

Candice said...

For obesity I read that there's a higher percentage of bottle fed babies than breast fed babies who become obese but it's not a cause or anything and if you feed your child right he or she should be in good health and weight.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You need to talk to a Dr. or have your midwife talk about the specific medication. If you're talking about painkillers during childbirth, those are not a reason not to breastfeed. There are a lot of different options if you do need a medication. For example, I got my wisdom teeth taken out when my daughter was still nursing,so I took ibuprofen rather than Vicodin because it is safe while breastfeeding.
There are so many benefits both physical and emotional to breastfeeding, so I would do everything possible to give it a try. It is possible to breastfeed and supplement with formula, but it is very easy to have a large reduction in your milk supply if you're not nursing on demand, especially in the first few days and weeks after birth.
This site has some specific information about medications and breastfeeding:


Many blessings for a healthy birth and baby boy!