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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Diamond Pacifiers

Pacifiers are super cute, I will use a pacifier for my baby insha'allah because I think theyre super cute and from my brief experience with babies they can come in handy when the baby wants to suck for comfort. When I was in Egypt Masha'allah a baby would breastfeed every 30 minutes and I wasnt sure if he liked to suck or he was hungry, so I bought him a pacifier but he was already acustomed to his momma so he refused to take it, but i think if a pacifier had been introduced when he was smaller it would have comforted him. Some mothers including my own are so against pacifiers but I really dont see why lol. I found some cute pacifier pictures online that look adorable but in no way I'd be able to afford so I'll stick to my cute plastic ones.

what do you think?

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Candice said...

I don't know why people are so strictly against pacifiers either because they do come in handy. If you breastfeed though, it's important to not introduce the pacifier until breastfeeding is already well established or it can cause confusion for the baby. I actually had problems for a couple days after I gave Adam a pacifier only for a little bit. Just a half hour with the pacifier gave us problems for 2 days because he was just too young. I think he was 3-4 days old. He ended up not liking pacifiers and doesn't use them and never did. My daughter stopped wanting it at a few months old. But I know a lot of breastfeeding babies who use a pacifier regularly so it can work out.