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Friday, September 14, 2012

What I've learnt over the last month with my bub

Asalamu alaikum girls, I know having a newborn is a pretty hectic job which requires alot of time effort and patience but I've been staying with my mama so she taught me alot with how to look after bub.  I will be going back to hubby's house soon so im hoping that if i stick to these tips I should be okay, by the way these are my tips, not ones I copy pasted so they are purely from  my exeprience.. Im not an expert just sharing my tips with my bub over the last month.. 

1. I  keep a table near my bed with all my baby needs such as wipes, nappies (diapers) cream, baby powder, tissues, change pad, baby lotion and bath gel. 

2. I change baby's diaper everytime I hear him poop because if left too long, it can cause nappy rash.. and I remember to always wash my hands after I've changed a dirty nappy. 

3. I feed baby on demand so whenever he is hungry.. I dont wait for him to cry, instead I  look for early cues such as turning his head and sucking his lips or hands.  

4. I keep  baby swaddled even if he doesnt like it. I swaddle him when hes sleep because it keeps him warm and helpssleep in the right position. 

5. Always burp baby after a feed, by placing him over your shoulder and tapping gently on his back. 

6. when you I out, I make sure I have the appropriate clothing for the weather, if its cold I make sure hes wearing 2 layers and if its hot a singlet and underpants under the clothes. I swaddle my bub when hes out.

7. whether you choose expressed breast milk or formula, your baby may not take a bottle at first and reject it.. dont give up, go out shopping and find the right bottle for your bub like i did. I found a great one called Tommee Tipee closer to nature bottle. 

8. In cold weather ALWAYS make sure my bub is wearing a beanie because without it they will have cold ears then theyre whole body will be cold. My mum gave me this info. 

9. wipe your bubs face with a wet cloth every day and a bath every second day. When giving a bath close the room and put the heater on, prepare your towel, clothes, diaper, and then fill the tub with warm water. Make sure you wash his head and face first then his body in the tub. Dry them thouroughly, rub baby lotion all over their tiny bodies, and dress them straight away so they dont get cold. 

10. When baby is sleeping in the cot, I check on him whenever he makes noises incase something is wrong.

11. when baby is in the pram, make sure that his blanket isnt covering his face when he shuffles around because this can cause suffocation authobillah.. so always check up on your bub often to make sure everything is okay. 

12. Take myself and  bub to prenatal classes to get tips and have your baby weighed, to make sure hes putting on weight because sometimes I look at him and think aww he looks the same as when I gave birth to him! 

13. giving Bub lots and lots of hugs and cuddles as I heard this helps with brain development. Not only that but because I love him too, and its nice to have your bub in your warm arms, not sure if my bub feels the same as he seems always growl whenever i give him a cuddle but anyways I make sure that he knows mama adores him. 

14. Last but not least, I let mama and hubby carry him when I need some rest. Bub is very very demanding and breast feeds all day, and I mean ALL DAY. Hahaha. I went to lactation consultants, doctors, everything but in the end I cant ignore my bubs cries and if hes hungry well hes hungry.. 

What did you learn when you first had your bub? 


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Its pretty normal for newborns to nurse almost all day and night, but I promise it gets easier as they become more efficient. I don't think I ever got more than a 2hr break for the first 3 mos, but I survived and my daughter doubled her weight in less than that time!

HijabPrincess said...

Thanks for sharing your tipps with us, i will get a baby myself in May isa. Mabrouk for the birth of your little boy :)
I am a convert and married to an egyptian man as well so i benefit from your blog a lot. :))
best wishes from Germany