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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whats in my Diaper/Nappy Bag

Ok so Im starting my own tag here its "whats in my Diaper/Nappy Bag".. (btw Nappy is what we call diapers here in Australia). I recently bought a new diaper bag, which I think is supposed to be a ballerina bag but its big and i can hang it on my stroller so I bought it straight away! Heres whats in my diaper bag.

 Close up of the super cute ballerina 

My diaper bag includes:
1. Lady Bug Pillow which is used for placing under bubs head in the stroller or in the change room where they have a really hard surface and no place for baby to rest his head.
2. A spare outfit (singlet, Babysuit, & Bib)
3. A beanie incase it gets cold in the evening
4. A container full of S26 Formula
5. Bottles of pre-prepared water to mix with the formula, Here i show one but usually I have 2.
6. Some Diapers/Nappies
7. A cotton blanket
8. Vaseline for bubs, bum bum hehe.

and also Im suposed to have a packed of Curash Baby Wipes pictured. That I always carry but I ran out when I took the photo so... :P

Whats in your diaper/Nappy bag??

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