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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cute baby Girl Names.

Now I know I just had a baby, and bub is just 1 week shy of 3 months and were superrrr close already .. but.......... I cant help but want another baby specifically a baby girl so i can dress her up in pinkk!! Yep.. so I went online and started searching baby girl names.. not that theres any way Im having another baby soon.. but I do know that I really want a girl.. just not yet. Maybe when bub turns 1 or 2.. insha'Allah.. so I went online I found a couple of muslim names for girls that I found SUPER cute and unique. Yes I never got to choose a unique name for bub but I love it anyway.. so Im hoping next time I get to choose a really cute but unique name. Here are some cute names i found all in order of my preferance.

1. Lujayn/Lujayna (pronounced Loo-jayn or Loo-jay-naa)
2. Amara
3. Naeemah
4. Maymuna (May-Moo-Nah
5. Amelia (A-meel-yah)

No im not clucky, I just think baby girls are super super cute and every woman wants a baby girl to have that best friend when she grows up.. other than that i have a super close bond with bub, he cries instantly when i put him down.. he always wants to be held poor thing.. anyway im getting off topic now.. keep a look out for baby product reviews..


Elisabeth Strout said...

Assalamo 3alaykom wr wb!

3amla eh ya 7abebty? I found your blogs quite by accident, and subscribed instantly to your Egyptian cooking one - my husband is Egyptian and I need to learn as many Egyptian recipes as possible :D

I also subscribed here because though I don't have any kids yet, we hope to soon insha'Allah, and I want to start preparing for it, learning a bit about the whole process, and I really enjoyed your style of writing.

But ANYWAYS, I had to comment here, because I love the names you posted - especially Naeemah and Amara - I'm curious what the names mean, do you know?

Personally I like the names تقوى, سكينة, and رحمة for girls... I never heard the first two used before as names... do you think they would sound weird?

Elf mabrouk 3aliki for the new baby - you sound like such a professional mother, I can't believe he's only 3 months old!
ما شاء الله, ربنا معاك و يحفظك دائما يارب

Heather said...

Pediatricians recommend two years between babies as the best (minimum) amount of time. They even did an ad campaign some years ago - "Two years apart is baby smart!" LOL

Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

@Elizabeth Strout
Walaykum asalam. I am good al7amdulilah :) Im glad you found my blog, and that I can assist in helping you cook yummy egyptian food!! .. about the names, Im not sure what they mean but I did find them on a Muslim Baby girl names website.. thats cool that your planning to have children, how long have you been married??

Moroccan girl living in the west. said...

My niece's name is naima :D

Baby Names said...

You will find cute baby girl names here.