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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleepy wings Review

So on Wednesday I recieved Sleepywings in the mail.. I was really excited since i heard so much good reviews about this product, I couldnt wait to open it and put it on bub. I opened it straight away and as soon as i felt the fabric, I knew it was something of high quality, as it was soft and on the packaging it said 90% Organic Cotton which I appreciated.. you could really feel the quality of the material and we all know cotton is best. I put it on bub and he immitatley began flapping his wings in excitement. As soon as I put him down to sleep he stayed asleep for 2 hours, and I know its due to the fact that the wings held his hands in place, and he always used to wake up from startle reflex. the sleepy wings have circular pockets on each side so that you can place your bubs dummy. Bub doesnt take a dummy *yet* lol. But Im working on it.. The design of the garment is beautiful, It has frills on the edges which really look like wings and its beautifully rimmed with a light green colour which gives it more cuteness. Another thing I Loved about this product, is that you can turn the wings around 180 degrees and slip them on bub when he doesnt feel like sleeping and that way, he doesnt scratch me when Im breastfeeding, so really they served two purposes for me. I absoloutley love the wings, and when all else fails and bub is ansty I put them on and I can already see hes more settled. 

:) Love this product. 


HijabPrincess said...

Oh how cute, I want them but they are only available in Australia I think. Where did u get them? Hope I can find them on ebay. Lovely idea!!

Moroccan girl living in the west. said...

OMG so cute