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Monday, December 17, 2012

Started Solids.. :)

Well Today I started Solids for my 4month old son Alhamdulilah.. First of all, I know that The American Pedarictians reccomend 6 months, but my mum started us all on 4 and plus my son has reflux so it may help..anyway, I decided I was going to start him on Cerelac, a DELICIOUS wheat cereal which I grew up on and some purreed banana and apple.. i also bought some Custard Apple (organic) and its apparently made in New Zealand so I cant wait to try that for Bub.. Yes Im feedling him healthy stuff, I think a baby should have wheat, fruit and vegetable then meat introduced later on.. but at the moment im focusing on cereals, custards, and fruits.. some vegetables as well. So I got bub started on the cerelac and he loved it! He was rooting his head forwards as I scooped up the cereal in the spoon and directed the spoon towards him. it was so cute! He just kept opening his mouth and going forward, I knew he was ready for some food in his tummy..

On a side note, on some facebook Mommy Pages, Ive heard of some moms talk about BABY LED WEANING. What on earth is that? Something about letting your baby explore textures on their own..wth?

whatever.. im feeding my baby the old fashioned way, pureed, then gradually add texture.. :) 

some Applesauce I made for baby A. I just boiled some apples until completely tender then mashed with a fork and some of the water it was boiled in. The consistency wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped for but my mum and sister kept reeassuring me that its okay, and didnt need to be silky smooth.


Maryam said...

It's better to introduce veggies before fruits, babies get used to the sweet taste of fruit and are resistant at accepting veggies.Only introduce one food at the time for every few days, this way if your baby has allergies or intolerance to one food, you will know which one

Daisy said...

Maryam I disagree. For formula babies this may be the case but for breast fed babies, they are used to the sweet taste of milk so therefore, fruit is ok to give them. Bananas is what we would recommend mothers give to children when they started solids.

Congrats on starting your little guy on food. It's amazing how they adapt so easily. Mashallah, may Allah protect him.

Mimisha said...

Id also advice u to always wait some time between introducing different foods, just to see if hes allergic to it.
And pumpkin is a great veggy to start solids with :)

Inshallah ur little one will get better now and the reflux will stop :)

Anonymous said...

cerelac falvoured fruits with wheat and milk (arabic cerelac not in coles or woolies) tastes so GOOOOD with vanilla youghurt can be a snack for you heheheh