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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

THings I love and Hate

things i love:
faith, love, friendship, talking on the phone, watching cooking shows, eating fish and chips on the beach, pampering myself, patterned hijabs, bed comforters, restraunt food cooked at home, when its sunny but not scorching hot, my wedding dress, loose oversized shirts, naturally curly hair that doesnt frizz, book shops, vintage style tea cups (although I dont own any), sales, mexican food, stylish women that push prams, being old but young, tacky stuff in small doses (like leopard print), decorating the living room, lemongrass cented essential oil which i put in a  incense burner, cake box mixes, (makes life so much easier!), learning different cultures, different cuisines, travelling the world (something I WISH for so badly),

Things i hate:
narrow mindedness, not giving people a chance, racism, clothes that are too tight, feeling bloated, sweet chilli sauce, cockroaches, the sound of mosquitos, changing quilt covers (although i should learn by now!), colour coordinated everything, contrived behaviour, littering, over processed food and people that put down religions.


Sweet Escape said...

Salams Sarah. I too love vintage style tea cups and most of the things you love and hate and I love my home to smell like cinnamon in the winter and lemongrass and orange in the summer lol. Are you on twitter?

Sarah Muhammad said...

salams sis.. we have alot in common then! lol. i dont have twitter but i do have facebook. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Ahh the sound of mosquitos drives me nuts!!! I have had two sleepless nights I will never forget...one in Lebanon and one in Dubai. Both times I was not in the comfort of my own home and the a/c was not working! With the windows open...all I heard the entire night was the menacing buzzing of the mosquitos! Also had tons of bites by morning time.

Sweet Escape said...

Yes I have a facebook too. Can I add you?