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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


One of my favourite foods in the world. and its so easy and cheap to make.

 Here is just some plain white rice.

 I prepared some red sauce by frying some garlic with cumin then adding vinegar and purreed tomatoes and salt. I let it cook for about 25 minutes.. It was so fragrant.

 Fried onionss... mmmm my favourite part of the dish.

and ofcourse you need lentils which i didnt take a picture of but you basically just boil the lentils with cumin salt and pepper. and this is how it should look. Oh and the fried egg on top? Thats not part of the dish but thats how my dad requested it.

Do you make Koshary? If so how?


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it until now but thanks for sharing cause I will sure be trying it iA

Candice said...

I LOVE KOSHARY! It's like my favourite thing in the world. My husband makes a huge batch of it like once a year that we eat for nearly a week straight. I never tried to make it myself but maybe I should try. The way you showed sounds like something I can do! As the wife of an Egyptian, I learned to make that very flavourful tomato sauce and pasta, rice, lentils, onions are not a big deal. I need to learn to make the chick pea soup though. I love to have that soup on the side with the chick peas on top which is the main difference between how you made it and how I normally eat it. Looks great though and the egg is a good idea!