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Saturday, February 16, 2013

So Ive been making healthy food.

Asalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi Wa barakatu!!!

so I've been making healthy stuff. and I mean HEALTHY. Some of my recipes are actually taken from Vegan Websites, since I know that they dont use butter, Dairy and sometimes omit sugar, so i decided to head over to some of their cooking blogs to make a few baked goods and sweets. how do i know theyre vegan? they let you know ofcourse. lol.. i am in no way a vegan, i LOVE my meat and skinny cappacino.. oh and buttercream frosting, but well since ive been trying to eat healthy i've found substitues for otherwise fatty luxuries.

butter - avacado/coconut oil

milk - almond milk

sugar - agavae nectar or maple syryp. Used to be natvia but found out its used as a birth control and may lead to fertility issues. nuh-uh. staying away. Search Stevia and you'll find all this weird info about it. =/ Im not one to belive everything I read but If i find people saying they're period stopped after consuming something, then Im taking precaution. Ok, on to the next.

meat- no substitue, your staying my friend =D

so alhamdulilah heres some of the things I've been making.

Vegan Egyptian Pumkin dessert with Almond creme bechamel, the second one has honey, but the first one was mine so no honey. It also has NO butter, No gluten, No dairy but it still tasted awsome.I got the recipe from www.onearabvegan.com  

Vegan Cornbread. Yum! I used almond meal instead of flour and the texture was moist and dense and crispy on the outside. this was so delicious you wont care for the version with butter and eggs. This is so divine. I had this along with my chicken enchilada
This is the chicken enchilada which was made with Whole wheat tortillas, left over chicken, red kidney beans and low fat cheese. I only sprinkled the cheese sparingly but I dont know, when it melted it looked like I had put alot on there.

Do you have any recipes that you think would turn out not so good, but turned out to be amazing, regardless of all the substitues. I was pleasantly suprised. :)


Mona Z said...

You gotta make me hungry? lol :)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yum! My sister was vegan for several years, and I was for about 6mos. I don't remember the exact recipe, but we used to make a vegan pumpkin pie that had silken tofu instead of milk and eggs. It was so good that my grandpa couldn't tell the difference. That pumpkin dessert you made looks amazing!

Sarah (Umm Abdel Rahman) said...

@mona z yes habebty lol I get hungry all the time from your blog. Hehe

@stacy aka Fahimaa I don't think I can bea vegan ever because I really really like meat lol I can do without eggs,butter,cream and honey but rib steak and chicken wings, oh no! I can't lol.. You know pumpkin is sweet on its own it does really need butter or eggs, I'm also looking at cooking gluten free..