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Friday, May 10, 2013

My updates

Can't say much except, very very tiring, poor baby has a cold, as its the weather here switchs fro. Hot to cold it's enivatble to catch a cold.. Alhamdulilah   Being a first time mum I'm so scared and thoughts start crossing my mind such as maybe the flu is deadly.. Yes I'm sorry I know that's a bad thought but I'm such a pessamist! Lol I also think oh nooooo... What if.. That's just how I am, I'm such a worry wart lol.. Anyways I've been giving my baby Vicks, a mixture of orange juice, manuka honey and warm water, and panadol.. I also clear his nose with nasal saline spray.. Apart from my son being sick, I've been going to alot of gatherings with women I met on a Facebook page. This group of women are all Muslim and we get together once a week at a park and bring dishes, we like to call it a dish party lol.. One dish party was a vegetarian theme here I brought my traditional Egyptian frittata and breaded zucchini. I basically try all kinds of food there, get inspired and make them at home, (ill upload pictures in the next post) part from awesome food is the really lovely ladies I've met..  MashaAllah,There all friendly and even though I was very shy they still made an effort to get to know me. :)) I've also been redecorating the house, adding home decor accessories and such.. I'm obsessed with home decor.. I find it a leisure so much that I even moved the couches in a different layout.. My husband thought it made the living area look smaller so changed it back. Anyways, I've been trying so hard to lose weight, my husband as well who's doing a lemon detox diet, except he eats food? I have to read about it more.. Well neways I have to cut this short as I can sense my son waking up. Asalamoooo alayyykummmm

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Anonymous said...

Salam I am a Muslim mummy who is married to an egyptian I was 110 kilos in December I started isowhey (-8kg) (got sick of shakes) I ate clean (-3kg) all the while bought excersice video done it twice lol... I have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old so it's hard. Newayz my friend told me about cohen's 3 weeks ago I started @ 99kg I'm 3 weeks in and have lost 7kg basically u eat breakfast 1 egg and veges 5 hrs later meat and veges and 5 hrs later meat and veges and between these meals u can have 2 Peices of fruit and salada crackers, NO shakes just FOOD yummy AND NO EXCERCISE yay I do sit ups before bed just to help my tummy but yeah check it out its cohen's lifestyle clinic. I'm married and don't get to leave the home unless its food shopping I don't get to go to the gym